House Tour Tuesday: Before and After

Yesterday I showed you the before pictures of our master bath, pictures prior to the facelift it received this summer. Today I'm back to show you the afters. It's come along way!

Here's what we did-
We changed the location of the toilet which gave us room for a larger vanity and the toilet fit perfectly in the previously unused space. We eliminated one of the sinks (we had two, now we just have one) and created a vanity area. All the walls and trim were painted, new tile (in shades of blue and gray with a tint of green) went in, all new cabinets, countertops (I can't for the life of me remember what kind of stone the countertops are made of-we wanted concrete, but that didn't work out so we got these instead-they are the perfect shade of gray and created just the look we wanted), fixtures, doors, and hardware were installed. We got a new sink and toilet. Pretty much the only thing that stayed was the tub!

We certainly are enjoying the changes. It's hard to believe how different everything looks. We went from dark and dingy to light and bright. Ahhhhh! Well, that wraps up the tour of our master bath. Thanks for checking in for House Tour Tuesday! We've still got a couple of rooms to go in the coming weeks. 

House Tour Tuesday: Before and After

No, don't worry, you didn't read that wrong. The title does say House Tour Tuesday and it really is only Monday. This week's tour will be our master bath. I don't have too many before and after shots of our house because we haven't had to do a lot of work. The master bath is another story, though. It was the worst room in the house. This past summer we got around to making some changes and doing some updating. So, I thought it only fitting to show you the before shots. Of course, you'll have to come back tomorrow for the afters!

As you can see, this bathroom was sporting the ever so popular hunter green. But, it was accented in gold rather than burgundy. And that is only the beginning. You might also notice that this bathroom was outfitted with carpet, yes carpet in the bathroom. You'll also see that the toilet is jammed right in between the vanity and the shower. And where you see that lonely little wood lingerie cabinet sitting was an empty space. Poor, poor planning. This room was an addition to the main part of the house, hence the steps. Anyway, as you can see we had a lot going wrong. But, I'm happy to say, we're quite pleased with the transformation. Come back tomorrow for more on that!

Friday's Favorite: Spring Fling Edition

This time of year is perfect for sitting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather. One of my favorite places to do that is our swing. I spruced things up with the addition of these pillows, making it oh so inviting. Definitely a Friday favorite-Spring Fling style! Happy Friday!!!

Spring Fling: DIY Nest Wreath

I'm loving all of the little nests I've seen around blogland. And, I'm always looking for any excuse to make a wreath. So, I made myself a little nest wreath. A small grapevine wreath, a tiny nest, some mini Easter eggs, and a pretty, little ribbon is all you need. I hung mine over the mirror in the bathroom. It's a great little addition for spring!

House Tour Tuesday: Spring Fling Edition

For this week's tour, I'm taking a break from the inside of our house. I thought I'd show our back porch. Really, it is more like a stoop. Anyway, the back stoop got dressed up for Spring Fling week and I wanted you to see it. The little stoop leads to our backyard. I come and go this way everyday. The first year we lived here, I didn't think too much about making this space more enjoyable. Then last year, I found this cute metal flower at Hobby Lobby. I knew it would look adorable on the back stoop during the spring and summer months. It adds a little character to an otherwise dull space. I also have this little bench that we keep our shoes under. On top of the bench is a pot of asparagus fern I planted over the weekend. 

I love the combination of the metal flower, bench and potted plant. The space is now a bit more welcoming.

Thanks for stopping by for the tour. We'll continue with House Tour Tuesday next week and we'll be back inside. Don't forget to come back tomorrow as Spring Fling week continues!

Spring Fling: Front Porch

To celebrate the arrival of Spring, I thought it would be fun to do a week long series on all the little Spring touches around our house and yard. So, welcome to Spring Fling week! 

This weekend I planted geraniums and ivy in the planters on the front porch. I love the bright red and green. What a cheerful addition they are! The sign says it best-Fabulous!

Hope you'll come back tomorrow for House Tour Tuesday: Spring Fling edition! 

Friday's Favorite: Happy Spring!

Happy Spring and Friday! 

What a perfect combination! Spring is certainly one of my favorite times of year. I am loving the beautiful weather, blooming flowers, dinner outside, swinging and wearing my flip flops. This weekend I'm planning to celebrate this lovely season by planting some flowers and sprucing things up around the house-inside and out. I hope you have a beautiful weekend!!!

House Tour Tuesday

Thanks for stopping in for House Tour Tuesday. Today, we're touring our master bedroom. This is one of the rooms in my house that needs the most work. We have some great things to work with, but it is far from finished. We purchased the furniture this summer and I really love it. The bed is my favorite. It is so big and comfy (thanks to our cushy mattress). I found the bedding and lamps at TJ Maxx this fall. While I really like them, I'm not sure they are exactly what I want for this room. I am still working on the other accessories-like a mirror, curtains, decorative pillows and wall art. I'm sure it will come together with time.

Well, that's all for this week's tour. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you'll drop in next week, too. Bye for now.

DIY-Framed Chalkboard

After seeing these all around blogland, I knew this was a project I'd like to try. It's only taken me six months to make it happen. This was super easy, though. Here's what you need:

-frame of your choice (mine is 16x20)
-piece of smooth wood cut to fit frame
-chalkboard paint
-hubby (optional)
-ribbon (also optional)

I got my frame (no glass or back) at Hobby Lobby during their recent 66% off clearance, it was $12. Hubby got me a smooth piece of wood cut just right. I painted the wood with a couple of coats of chalkboard paint and let that dry. Then hubby nailed the painted wood in the frame. I tied on some ribbon, hung it up and wrote a little message. And, there you have it - a framed chalkboard. I'm loving it hanging in my kitchen!

House Tour Tuesday

Welcome to House Tour Tuesday! Come on in for a tour of our kitchen. This was the room I feared that I would dislike the most when we moved into our house. It turned out to be just fine, though. It is quite small and in need of an update. But, it works for us. We have a surprising amount of storage for such a small space. The cabinets are pretty large and we also have a great little pantry. At the end of the kitchen, there is just enough room for a table and chairs, perfect for a casual dinner. The kitchen was  already painted red when we moved in which worked well with our Mandy Bagwell dishes.  We added a few black and white accessories here and there and we had ourselves a cheerful kitchen. 

Thanks for stopping by for Tuesday's Tour. Hope to see you next time!


I have been wanting a bust for quite sometime. I guess their frequent appearances in magazines led me in my desire to acquire. Well, not too long ago I came across some busts in a local store for a very reasonable price. They had shabby girl bust and shabby boy bust, oh the decisions. Who knew choosing the gender of a bust could be so taxing? I had an idea of where I wanted to the bust to go, so I went with shabby girl bust. She has made her home on my dresser in our master bedroom. Sitting a top a couple of books in an acrylic tray along with my perfume, she adds a feminine touch to my side of the room. 

Now, don't forget-tomorrow is House Tour Tuesday!

Friday's Favorite

Lamps light up my life. I love lamps, as I mentioned here. I'm constantly on the look out for lamps that are affordable as well as stylish. A few months back, I ran across these beauties at TJ Maxx. I was attracted immediately. I didn't buy them right away, though. I resisted until I just couldn't stand it anymore (two whole days). Then, they made their way home with me. And in our master bedroom they found a home. I love a pair of lamps flanking a dresser. So, that's what I did with these. I love the glass mixed with the metal overlay. I especially love the pattern of the overlay. The pattern complements our bedding but, you'll have to wait to see that on a future installation of House Tour Tuesday

Happy Friday!!!

Pillow Panache

Pillows add pizazz. They can make your couch cozy, your sofa snazzy and your bed bodacious. With a pillow here or there, your swing can look swanky, your bench bewitching or your chair just plain charming. Pillows are easy to come by and for the most part, pretty affordable. So, if your recliner needs to be revitalized, a peppy pillow might just be the perfect provision.

House Tour Tuesday

Well, hello there and welcome to Tuesday's Tour. Today’s stop, the sunroom. This is probably my favorite room in our house. There is just something about this room that makes me happy. With windows along two walls and French doors along another, this room is bright and cheery on a sunny day. On a rainy day, it is the perfect place to curl up and take a nap or read a book. The sunroom is connected to our kitchen (you'll have to come back next week for that) so my hubby often sits on the couch and talks to me while I cook (when I cook, that is). It is also nice when we have company, some people can sit in the sunroom and chat, while others are in the kitchen working. 

The thing I love most about this room, is the sofa. This sofa belonged to my great-aunt. After she passed away and her house had been sold, my sister and I asked for any of the furniture that no one else wanted. Here’s where I have to give my sister credit and beg her not to take away my sofa. You see, she’s the one that really wanted the furniture, she loved the vintage character. So, obligingly, my parents hauled the furniture (the sofa and five other chairs that I can think of), like hillbillies, to their house and stored it for us. Thanks, Mama and Daddy! Well, the sofa sat at my parents’ house for a year or two or three. Then towards the end of November 2006, my December edition of Cottage Living arrived in the mail and I saw the sofa in Heather Chadduck’s living room. I  was completely inspired. The shape of her sofa was similar to this sofa. It just so happened that we were moving into our house the end of December (that same month) and had no furniture for the sunroom. The wheels started turning. I was also drawn to the ticking stripe fabric on Heather’s sofa. The sunroom was already red, so I thought black and white ticking on the sofa would pop nicely with the walls. There you have it, my vision. 

Now, on to working out my vision. First of all, I had to beg and plead (and probably whine and bribe) my sister to let me have the sofa. She agreed (whew!). Thank you, my sweet, generous sister!!! Next up, my MIL. You may remember, she does upholstery work. So, I asked her if she would recover the sofa for me for as my Christmas present. She agreed, too (double whew!). She even agreed to help me find the ticking fabric I wanted. I had my doubts as to if we would ever find such, but as luck would have it, it was waiting for me in the first fabric shop we went to. At this point, I was so excited, but nervous that my vision would fail me. The day my in-laws brought the sofa in, all doubts ceased and I new it was true love! Needless to say, I was pleased and still am. My vision had come to fruition. I love, love, love this sofa. I think it adds so much character to the sunroom. It is the perfect fit!

So, there you have it: the sunroom (along with the history of my sofa). Thanks for stopping by for this week's tour. If you want to see more, come on back next week-same time, same place. If you missed a week, click here for the living room and here for the dining room. Bye for now!

20 Little Things to Look Forward to in Spring

Melissa, at The Inspired Room, is hosting a Spring Inspiration party. I'm ready for spring and here's why:

1. flip flops
2. more hours of daylight
3. dinner outside
4. grilling out (well, my hubby grilling out)
5. ferns
6. swinging
7. Sunday afternoon trips to TCBY
8. lime green and yellow
9. celebrating Easter
10. decorating for Easter
11. planting flowers
12. watching flowers bloom
13. Thursday evening concerts at Keisel Park
14. dinner picnics during #13
15. sunshine, warm air and a gentle breeze
16. birds chirping
17. a new wreath for my front porch (as seen in photo)
18. spring cleaning 
19. going to the beach 
20. the arrival of spring means summer is not too far!

I'll be getting out my spring and Easter decor in the coming days. So, stay tuned for that. I got a little side tracked with the snow and all. And don't forget, come back tomorrow for House Tour Tuesday.