House Tour Tuesday

Well, hello there and welcome to Tuesday's Tour. Today’s stop, the sunroom. This is probably my favorite room in our house. There is just something about this room that makes me happy. With windows along two walls and French doors along another, this room is bright and cheery on a sunny day. On a rainy day, it is the perfect place to curl up and take a nap or read a book. The sunroom is connected to our kitchen (you'll have to come back next week for that) so my hubby often sits on the couch and talks to me while I cook (when I cook, that is). It is also nice when we have company, some people can sit in the sunroom and chat, while others are in the kitchen working. 

The thing I love most about this room, is the sofa. This sofa belonged to my great-aunt. After she passed away and her house had been sold, my sister and I asked for any of the furniture that no one else wanted. Here’s where I have to give my sister credit and beg her not to take away my sofa. You see, she’s the one that really wanted the furniture, she loved the vintage character. So, obligingly, my parents hauled the furniture (the sofa and five other chairs that I can think of), like hillbillies, to their house and stored it for us. Thanks, Mama and Daddy! Well, the sofa sat at my parents’ house for a year or two or three. Then towards the end of November 2006, my December edition of Cottage Living arrived in the mail and I saw the sofa in Heather Chadduck’s living room. I  was completely inspired. The shape of her sofa was similar to this sofa. It just so happened that we were moving into our house the end of December (that same month) and had no furniture for the sunroom. The wheels started turning. I was also drawn to the ticking stripe fabric on Heather’s sofa. The sunroom was already red, so I thought black and white ticking on the sofa would pop nicely with the walls. There you have it, my vision. 

Now, on to working out my vision. First of all, I had to beg and plead (and probably whine and bribe) my sister to let me have the sofa. She agreed (whew!). Thank you, my sweet, generous sister!!! Next up, my MIL. You may remember, she does upholstery work. So, I asked her if she would recover the sofa for me for as my Christmas present. She agreed, too (double whew!). She even agreed to help me find the ticking fabric I wanted. I had my doubts as to if we would ever find such, but as luck would have it, it was waiting for me in the first fabric shop we went to. At this point, I was so excited, but nervous that my vision would fail me. The day my in-laws brought the sofa in, all doubts ceased and I new it was true love! Needless to say, I was pleased and still am. My vision had come to fruition. I love, love, love this sofa. I think it adds so much character to the sunroom. It is the perfect fit!

So, there you have it: the sunroom (along with the history of my sofa). Thanks for stopping by for this week's tour. If you want to see more, come on back next week-same time, same place. If you missed a week, click here for the living room and here for the dining room. Bye for now!


Suzanne said...

I love that room and especially the sofa too!

Amanda said...

I love that sofa and especially that sister!! :)

No really - I love that room! Definitely my favorite of all the rooms! The fabric on the chairs on pillows really stands out and complements the couch so well!

Polka Dot Possibilities said...

Suzanne and Amanda-
I love you both! You are so supportive.

Cynthia said...

I love the room - especially the sofa! Your Tuesday Tours are wonderful! I feel like I've been for a visit!