House Tour Tuesday

I've promised a house tour for quite some time. I decided I had put it off long enough. Now, everything is not perfect. But, when is it? Even so, I do hope you will join me each Tuesday as I welcome you into my house, room by room. First stop, the living room.

This is our entryway as seen from the front door.

A close-up of the entryway. If you are a faithful blog reader, you may notice that I move things around on this dresser. My lamp is always here, but I rotate the accessories when the mood strikes me-and it strikes often.

Here is the view as you continue in from the front door.

And, another shot.
Here is the living room from a different position. You can see the couch a little from this shot.

And, a little more from here. 

I'll leave you with a close up of the fireplace and mantel. 

So, there you have it-the living room. As you can see, it is still a work in progress. On my never ending, to-do list: window treatments and mantel accessories (perhaps a mirror and I'm not sure what else). Well, that concludes our tour for this Tuesday, more to come next week. Thanks for stopping by! 


Jennifer said...

hi! I love your blue club chair, and the chest in your entry!

when were you at AU? I feel like I should know everyone :)

Dawn said...

Laura, you're house looks great... like always. I think I'm going to really enjoy this tour. Maybe it will get me motivated! :)