Friday's Favorite: Frugal Flowers

Flowers and greenery are an easy and cheap way to add that special touch to your home. I love using different types of arrangements in my decor. It's even better when you can shop your yard! Some of my most favorite arrangements have been the ones I put together with branches and blooms from my yard. Even simple stems of leafy greens look amazing when paired with a pretty vase. Here are some of the arrangements I've made using clippings from my yard. 

Azaleas from the spring

Branches of lemon-lime colored leaves (these will last practically forever like this-all you have to do is change the water periodically)

Magnolia leaves mixed in with cedar and grocery store carnations (this was an arrangement I made for Christmas)

Knock-out roses mixed with gardenias and greenery (a simple summertime arrangement)

So, the next time you need to spruce things up on the cheap, check your yard and bring the outdoors in.
The Shabby Nest is hosting a Frugal Friday party today. Check out her site for more frugal decorating ideas.

 Happy Friday!!!

House Tour Tuesday

Welcome to House Tour Tuesday! Today's tour is our guest bedroom. You may recognize the pictures as most of them are from previous posts. Anyway, this is one of my favorite rooms. It is so cozy thanks to all of the fabric. I love just about everything in this room-the lamp, sunburst mirror, chenille bedspread, dresser, upholstered headboard and the list could go on! 

This room just has cottage written all over it! And, while it may not be to everyone's liking, it suits me perfectly and makes me happy! Thanks for joining me for the tour! Next week I'll wrap up the tour with our other guest bedroom. Hope you'll stop by.

This is for the birds!

It didn't take me long to fill our nest with a few of these featherless fowl. I guess, technically, they're not featherless. But, their plumes are porcelain. Anyway, with the little birdie trend in full force, I just had to have a few for my spring spruce-up! Guess who came to the rescue?!? Mother dearest most certainly did. She gave my sister and me almost a whole flock of these little pheasants. Not really, but I liked the alliteration. She really did give us a few in our Easter baskets. Here are some of mine. 

In case any of you were wondering what happened to me last week, I took a little hiatus from blogging as I was on Spring Break. Well, I'm back and I've got lots of little things to post about. Don't forget tomorrow is House Tour Tuesday. Only a couple of rooms to go. Hope you'll join me! 

Friday's Favorite

In celebration of Easter, my favorite for this Friday is a little egg garden stake. My mom gave this to me for Christmas. That's right, she got it on Easter clearance last year and saved it for Christmas so I could have it for this Easter. It's so pretty with all the glitter and little flower embellishments! I have it in one of our house plants-it's too pretty to put outside-it just makes me happy when I see all that shimmering glitter. Wishing you all a happy Good Friday!

Hippity Hoppity

Easter is on its way! Here are few pics from around our house. We've got bunnies and eggs and little birdie nests. 

House Tour Tuesday

Welcome to House Tour Tuesday! Today we're touring another bathroom. This bathroom is our guest bath. I've shown some pictures of this room before. Luckily, the previous owners updated this bathroom the summer prior to us moving in that December (2006). 

So, all we've done is hang a shower curtain and some pictures and stock the cabinets with toilet paper, towels, soap and other bath necessities. 

This bathroom is quite small, but does house all we need in a bathroom. There is also this built-in cabinet. It is the perfect storage space, featuring open and closed shelving. So, there's room for a pretty display of baskets, towels and containers, but also room to store the unsightlies (yes, I made that word up).

Thanks for stopping by! Our tour is almost over, only two more rooms to go. Oh and stay tuned for this week - pictures of my Easter decor are coming soon (you can see one of the bunnies in some of the photos above)!

Friday's Favorite

This little ruffled glass bowl has found several uses over the past few months. I love that it is simple, yet feminine. During the fall, it held a display of mini pumpkins. 

For Christmas, the bowl was brimming with shiny ornaments. 

Now, it serves as a soap dish in our master bathroom. 

I can think of many other uses. Wouldn't it be especially lovely at a brunch, filled with fruit salad? Mama-don't worry, I'll wash it thoroughly! I love that I can use it for so many things. A practical and pretty favorite. Happy Friday!