Sunflowers are so bright and cheerful. They make for a cheap, easy flower arrangement with a great pop of color. Sunflowers and summer, the perfect combination!

Before and After: Kitchen Chairs

So, yesterday I showed you the Before pics of my sister's kitchen chairs. My mom and I cleaned them up and gave them a couple of coats of paint. My mom bought Sister a kitchen table and we painted the base and legs of the table the same color. We had the chair cushions upholstered in two coordinating fabrics. The first thing we did was pick the fabric, the oh so fabulous fabric. Then we chose a coordinating paint color-a light gray. Everything turned out so beautifully! As promised, here are the Afters:

Oh, I just love all these projects! 

Before and After: Kitchen Chairs

My sister is all moved in to her new house! As a surprise, my mom and I painted her kitchen chairs and table and had the chair cushions upholstered. The kitchen chairs came from my grandmother and my sister absolutely loved them for their simple, yet elegant style. Good eye, Sister! Of course, they were in need of some tlc. Here they are:

You'll have to come back tomorrow for the After pics. You won't be disappointed. We just got everything put together tonight and we are thrilled with the final results!!! 

Summer and Seashells

With summer in full swing, I've lightened things up a bit on our entryway table. I found this huge bag of seashells at HomeGoods and thought it would be the perfect addition for the season. I'm longing to be on the beach, feeling the breeze blowing and soaking up the sun. For now, this will be my reminder of what awaits.

For My Daddy

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Thank you for loving Amanda and me so much! You've always let us know how proud you are of us. You have shown us unconditional love and taught us the value of loyalty, perseverance and commitment.  Thank you for taking the time to have fun with us (I sure did love riding all those roller coasters), teach us (I'm sure I know my multiplication facts better than the average) and guide us (even though we didn't get to have lunch in Atlanta and you could barely drive us home from your eye appointment that one time). I am so thankful for you and proud of you! I hope you have a wonderful Father's Day! I love you!!!

Friday's Favorite

Yay, yay today is moving day!!!

Today is a wonderful day! My sister is moving back to Auburn!!! She has been wanting to move back (and I have been begging her to) for awhile now and it is finally happening today. She got a great new job and bought a house!!! So, it is a very exciting time for her and I'm thrilled to be a part of all of this with her. 

Sister, I'm so proud of you! Another amazing accomplishment for you!!! We are going to have so much fun decorating and arranging and your favorite-repurposing! So, get your running shoes and painting clothes on (wait, do you have any painting clothes??? ha, ha!) cause we've got a lot to do!

I'll be posting the pics of our projects throughout the next few weeks! And, hopefully she'll let me post some pics of her house, too.

Polka Dot Your Pot

If you were expecting a Wreath for Wednesday, I must apologize. I think that little mini series has come to an end. But, here's a little quick project that you can do. Get yourself a clay pot and paint that pot black (or another color that you like). Then add some cute, little polka dots with white paint (or another color that you like). Add a little plant or flower and you are finished! This is a quick, easy and cheap project-great for a gift or for yourself!

On a Roll

So, I have a little  collection of ribbon. My storage solution for the ribbon was not working out too well. I had the rolls stored in these huge, glass jars. But, the ribbon would end up with more off the roll than on and they took up a lot of valuable space in my craft closet. 

So, the other day while visiting my parents, I saw that my dad had his pants hanging on these handy dandy hangers. Then I heard my parents having a discussion about how these hangers weren't going to work anymore.  Thus enters my vision. That would be the perfect hanger for my ribbon. Yep, that's how my mind works. Always thinking about myself-I mean my craft projects. I have seen similar ideas elsewhere. 
So anyway, my mom brought that hanger to me yesterday and this afternoon I sorted through my rolls of ribbon and hung them all nice and a little bit neat (and somewhat color coordinated, too).


Last week I bought a grocery store bouquet of flowers and was able to make two arrangements. I was thrilled. It felt like I got the most for my money or more bang for my buck-a two for one kind of deal. Here they are in all of their blooming beauty.

An cheerful little arrangement with yellow and lime green.

A more elegant arrangement.

Something Pretty

Here's a little something I've been wanting to do for awhile-plant a succulent. I found this little urn at an antique/restoration of junk store and knew a little succulent would be the perfect fit. I just love the rust and chipped paint on the urn. And, the way the bright green of the succulent pops against the creamy white paint and looks so pretty.