Lamp love

I love lamps. I love the glow you can see from the road right at dusk when the blinds or curtains in houses are still open. It looks so cozy. I have several lamps throughout my house that I love.

This is my favorite lamp for a couple of reasons:
1. I love the shape and the simplicity.
2. I got it from Kirkland's for $29.99 and I've seen similar ones in other places (like Pottery Barn) for waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy more!

I love this lamp (and the matching one-yes, I have two of them) so much, I'd consider them among my favorite pieces in my house!!!

Here is the lamp on my entryway dresser currently. The previous picture was of the lamp on my entryway dresser earlier this year.

This is my next favorite lamp. I love this lamp for reasons quite the opposite of my other lamp. This lamp has a funky shape and was quite expensive ($109). Not to worry, I didn't pay that much for it. I got it for free-well, kind of. It's a long story-I ordered some furniture from a store and there was a mix up with the whole pick-up process so, I talked them into throwing in this lamp and a table for my inconvenience. I don't know how I did it, I just think that's the power of beautiful home furnishings. I see them (the beautiful home furnishings) and they take over my brain and my mouth (in this case). I knew I loved this lamp from the very first moment I saw it. And, I have loved it ever since. This lamp has found the perfect home in one of our guest bedrooms. I love the combo with the sunburst mirror.

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