Two down, one to go

I have two of my three Christmas trees decorated. Here's the tree that is in our living room. Coppery browns (yes, I made that color up), gold, a light turquoise blue and cream. I love the little sticky up things at the top. They add pizazz and every tree needs pizazz-don't ya think? What a great trend!

War Eagle and An Auburn Christmas Tree

Since today is our big game-the Auburn vs. Alabama football game-I thought it only fitting that I kick off my Christmas posts with my Auburn tree. Trimmed in orange and blue, this tree showcases my collection of Auburn ornaments.

A favorite ornament -given to me by my sweet hubby!

And, one with polka dots.

And, let's not forget-Beat Bama!

Friday's Favorite

Christmas! It's the most wonderful time of the year. I love it all. I'm busy getting my house decorated-can't wait to share! From now until Christmas day, I'll be doing one Christmas related post each day. So, stay tuned. For now I'll show you what I've been working with. And, there's more-these boxes are just the ornaments for my trees. Oh, I'm so excited for all that is to come! Happy Black Friday!

Giving Thanks

Today was a wonderful day spent with my family. Mama, thank you for cooking a delicious meal (twice)! Daddy and Jamie, thank you for frying that delicious turkey and letting Mama and me take our long nap. Amanda and Matt, thank you for the scrumptious pecan pie. Thank you all for loving me, supporting me and making fun of my wreath above the mirror. I am thankful for you all!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you enjoy a day with the ones you love and a feast of delicious food!


Isn't this just lovely? I think so. Simple, yet beautiful. I only get to enjoy the blooms a couple of times of year at most. It's so worth it! Hope you'll take time to enjoy something simply beautiful.

Mission Organization

I finally got my guest bedroom closet cleaned out and organized. It was quite a process. Certainly worth it, though. The closet has great built in shelves, perfect for all kinds of organizing containers. This closet will serve as my craft closet. Everything has a place and is easily accessible.

My favorite part of this project is this little nook I created. I put an old dresser on one side of the closet and made a cozy little space just for me.

Let the crafting begin!


That's what it felt like I won when I caught a few fall crafts on sale at Hobby Lobby this weekend. These goodies were marked 90% off. Can you believe it?!?! I was so excited, I actually forgot what I was originally looking for. What fun I'll have with all of this. And, I only spent about $7. I may do a couple of projects for Thanksgiving this week-I love last minute projects. I'll save the Halloween stuff for next year's projects. Oh, and if you look to the left side of the pic, you'll see some cute turkey napkins I snagged for $0.39. Just in time for Thanksgiving. Gobble is written along the side-too cute! If you have a Hobby Lobby near by, you may want to swing in and see what they have left.

Friday's Favorite

My front yard is home to this Japanese Maple. What a delight it is this time of year. Definitely a favorite! Happy Friday!

Toodle-oo Tailgating

At least for this season. Saturday marked the end of Auburn's home football games which means another season of tailgating is over. Tailgating is such a special tradition. We have been tailgating in the same spot for 5 years now. I was browsing old pics and came across this one from several years ago-from left to right-my hubby, me, my sista and my BIL (my hubby's brother).

Our tailgating group is made up of three main families and lots of guests from year to year. It's amazing how much things change each year. We've had engagements, graduations, marriages, and births. I love celebrating these occasions with our tailgating family. This past weekend we celebrated the engagement of our friends Ashley and Graham. Congrats, you two!

Good bye for now, tailgating spot. We'll see you next year!

Friday's Favorite

Flowers. I love flowers. My grandmother was a florist. I grew up watching her make beautiful arrangements and loving her magnificent creations. Recently, I took a floral arranging class to learn a little more about this art. It was so rewarding. I would like to think that my grandmother passed a little of her gift for floral arranging on to me. Here are of few of the arrangements I've made over the course of the past few months. Most of these arrangements are made from grocery store bouquets. A few of the arrangements I made during the summer from flowers in my yard.

My first arrangement from the floral arranging class-I don't know what was up with the tall shoot. It didn't seem so disproportional in real life.

Door arrangement made in the class-

Final arrangement made in class-I went to a wholesale floral store for this one and got a few of my favorites-Bells of Ireland, Ranunculus and Hypericum Berries

Summer flowers from my yard-

Fall flowers from grocery store bouquets-

Flowers for our tailgate this weekend-also made from a grocery store bouquet (half off, no less)

The Cutest Auburn Fan You've Ever Seen

This cute Auburn fan came to stay with us this weekend.

Her orange and blue toes!

We had so much fun being silly.

We went to Tiger Walk and saw Aubie.

And Tubs.

Went to the game.

And to Toomer's.

And made crafts-this is her special creation!

Morgan (also known as Doll Face), I had so much fun with you! I hope you'll come back SOON! Love you much!!!!! Laura (also known as Fish Face)

Friday's Favorite

This week's Friday Favorite is a small cabinet that sits in my living room. I've only had this piece since summer. While shopping for bedroom furniture at my absolute favorite store, my mom (of course, she was there) pointed it out. You know the story-love at first site- yada, yada, ya. I took it home with me. Thank goodness for SUVs with seats that lay down. The cabinet has imperfections that make it look old. Although, I think it's a reproduction. It's a perfect fit for the living room. Plus, it gave me a space to display a few of my favorite accessories-like the bride and groom plate my friend Ellen painted for Jamie and me.

Happy Friday and hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Come and Knock on My Door

If you do, here's what you'll see.

I switched out my Halloween feather boa wreath for this. I'm not usually one for fake flowers, but I love this metal door bucket and I just don't think fresh flowers, greenery and berries would last the entire month of November. The copper tone is a nice mix with the yellows, oranges and browns from this arrangement.

Pumpkin Carve

I know we've all said our goodbyes to Halloween for this year, but I wanted to show you some of the pictures I took from Auburn's annual College of Architecture, Design and Construction Pumpkin Carve. To read more about this event, click here. It was so much fun to see all of the intricate designs.