House Tour Tuesday

Welcome to House Tour Tuesday! Please come in. Today, we're touring the dining room. It won't take long (it's pretty small). Adjacent to our living room, you might call it the dining area rather than dining room. It serves the purpose, though.

We have a table that will seat ten or twelve, probably. Seriously, it has three leaves. We just have eight chairs, though-six chairs around the table and two chairs in the living room. Funny story (Jamie, please don't be mad): The day we moved in, Jamie's parents and my parents were here to help. My mom and I went out to pick up dinner (KFC). We get home and Jamie has all the leaves in the table and all eight chairs around the table. The table is stretched out into the living room. My mom and I laughed, Jamie didn't know why we were laughing but, you can bet we ate our KFC on paper plates around the dining room table. If you had seen it, you would have thought it was funny, too! Our china cabinet fits perfectly along one wall and showcases our lovely china, stemware and a few other things. And, that's about all there is room for. 

Here's what I love about the dining room: the chandelier, our china displayed in the cabinet, the backs of the chairs and that the table, chairs and china cabinet belonged to my great-aunt, Gladys. Here's what I'd like to improve: the artwork, the tablescape and certainly we need some window treatments. 

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you'll come back next week for some more. If you missed last week's living room tour, you can check it out here.

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Suzanne said...

I am enjoying the tour!