House Tour Tuesday: Before and After

Yesterday I showed you the before pictures of our master bath, pictures prior to the facelift it received this summer. Today I'm back to show you the afters. It's come along way!

Here's what we did-
We changed the location of the toilet which gave us room for a larger vanity and the toilet fit perfectly in the previously unused space. We eliminated one of the sinks (we had two, now we just have one) and created a vanity area. All the walls and trim were painted, new tile (in shades of blue and gray with a tint of green) went in, all new cabinets, countertops (I can't for the life of me remember what kind of stone the countertops are made of-we wanted concrete, but that didn't work out so we got these instead-they are the perfect shade of gray and created just the look we wanted), fixtures, doors, and hardware were installed. We got a new sink and toilet. Pretty much the only thing that stayed was the tub!

We certainly are enjoying the changes. It's hard to believe how different everything looks. We went from dark and dingy to light and bright. Ahhhhh! Well, that wraps up the tour of our master bath. Thanks for checking in for House Tour Tuesday! We've still got a couple of rooms to go in the coming weeks. 

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love it!