House Tour Tuesday: Spring Fling Edition

For this week's tour, I'm taking a break from the inside of our house. I thought I'd show our back porch. Really, it is more like a stoop. Anyway, the back stoop got dressed up for Spring Fling week and I wanted you to see it. The little stoop leads to our backyard. I come and go this way everyday. The first year we lived here, I didn't think too much about making this space more enjoyable. Then last year, I found this cute metal flower at Hobby Lobby. I knew it would look adorable on the back stoop during the spring and summer months. It adds a little character to an otherwise dull space. I also have this little bench that we keep our shoes under. On top of the bench is a pot of asparagus fern I planted over the weekend. 

I love the combination of the metal flower, bench and potted plant. The space is now a bit more welcoming.

Thanks for stopping by for the tour. We'll continue with House Tour Tuesday next week and we'll be back inside. Don't forget to come back tomorrow as Spring Fling week continues!

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