This weekend I picked up this little bird's nest fern. Love the color, shape and texture-love it all! This is the perfect addition, as I spruce things up, for spring around our nest.

sunshine and spray paint

Finally, enough sun and warmth to get outside and do a little spray painting. I've had this project in mind for a little while. I decoupaged my L with wrapping paper and spray painted a grapevine wreath. I'm not sure if I like it just yet, I may have to do some adjusting. In fact, I have another idea I might try. But, either way, it felt so good to get outside and my door sure did need something to cheer it up!

Sister See

The cutest addition to Sister's house is this little fellow. Meet Charlie. He's a Yorkie Poo. Isn't he the cutest thing?!?

Have a Heart

Saw this idea here and my mama made them to sit atop the cupcakes I made for my little kiddos (I'm a 2nd grade teacher) for our Valentine's Party. Pretty cute, I'd say. Can't wait to hear what the kids think. After all, they think I make the best cupcakes ever, which is quite hysterical to me. One of my sweet angels even asked me for the recipe-they are straight from the box. So, I'm sure they will be super impressed with these!

Wishful Thinking

I've been thinking about the warmth of spring and summer. I'm tired of this cold, dreary weather. Here in the deep south, it's been an unusually cold and wet winter. I'm normally a fan of cooler weather, but this is just too much. I need to get out in the sunshine and spray paint something. I am ready for green grass, flowers blooming and dinner outside. So, today I looked through my pictures to find something that reminded me of warmer weather. Now, come summer you might have to remind me to be careful for what I wish!