tassels with the nester

Nester is having a tassel party today, so I'm joining in. During the Christmas season, I posted here about a couple of tassels that I made. Since then, I've made a few more. What a great project-especially if you need instant gratification like I do.

This tassel I made using a small cross ornament that I found at Hob Lob during the holiday season. I screwed the bottom of the cross to a candle cup (also found at HL). Then I just glued fabric and ribbon at varying lengths inside and around the candle cup. To finish it, I added trim around the top (to hide the candle cup) and a ribbon to hang it with.

This one is fun with all the pink and green. I made it to coordinate with a friend's nursery.

And, this one I made using ribbon and some left over scraps of fabric.

If you need a quick, cheap, easy project that adds a fun touch to your home, give this a try!


Loving butterflies these days! The hubs got these for my birthday last year. Since it was near the end of summer, I saved them for this spring. They are hanging in our carport currently. Although, I am considering moving them inside because I like them so. They are made of metal and have just the right amount of chipping paint and rust. Did I mention how much I like them?

Happy Easter!

I am so thankful for the celebration of Easter. Not the bunnies and eggs, but the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior!

this is no joke!

This is not an April Fool's joke, it is, in fact, a real post. I know it may seem hard to believe since it has been well over a month since my last one. I'm happy to say the sunshine has been a welcomed guest here. And, with the arrival of the sun and warmth, I think I feel my creative energy kicking in. Here's to hoping anyway.

I don't usually post too much about my job as a teacher, but this little project is something I'm proud of. A couple of weeks ago we had a special day at school. This day is intended to expose our students to art, culture, etc. Parents and other members of the community come and share in this special day. I chose a Parisian theme-with a little VanGogh art and bistro style tablescape.

We also made tissue paper flowers in symmetrical vases. I was so proud of how well my students did with their artwork. I have so many little artists! The projects were fun, but I quickly realized why I'm not an art teacher.