20 Little Things to Look Forward to in Spring

Melissa, at The Inspired Room, is hosting a Spring Inspiration party. I'm ready for spring and here's why:

1. flip flops
2. more hours of daylight
3. dinner outside
4. grilling out (well, my hubby grilling out)
5. ferns
6. swinging
7. Sunday afternoon trips to TCBY
8. lime green and yellow
9. celebrating Easter
10. decorating for Easter
11. planting flowers
12. watching flowers bloom
13. Thursday evening concerts at Keisel Park
14. dinner picnics during #13
15. sunshine, warm air and a gentle breeze
16. birds chirping
17. a new wreath for my front porch (as seen in photo)
18. spring cleaning 
19. going to the beach 
20. the arrival of spring means summer is not too far!

I'll be getting out my spring and Easter decor in the coming days. So, stay tuned for that. I got a little side tracked with the snow and all. And don't forget, come back tomorrow for House Tour Tuesday.

1 comment:

Debbykay said...

Love your blog and the polka dots! Your wreath on the door is great (even if you are going to change it up!!).

Hope you stop on over for a chat, too! I will come by again.