What A Nice Problem To Have

Yesterday was one of those days. You know, a typical Monday. I woke up and realized my weekend was gone and I didn't accomplish everything or really anything that I needed to accomplish. When I went to bed Sunday night, there were still clothes to wash, dry and fold, rooms to be dusted and vaccummed, and groceries to be bought. It can be a little overwhelming for me to start my week off with all of these chores hanging over my head. So, instead of letting this get the best of me, I've been trying a little something different. I've been trying to think about my chores as luxuries. Yes, luxuries. I know it sounds a little silly and somewhat crazy, but here's what I mean. I am blessed to have a house to clean, clothes to wash and food to buy. In all seriousness, there are many people who would love to have this to dread. So, today, as I'm feeling tired and not wanting to think about my house that really needs some attention or the groceries that I need to pick up tomorrow, I will try to be thankful for the little luxuries in life. It really is a nice problem to have. I told my husband about this little plan and he said: "Hmmm, how's that been working out for you?" You probably know the answer to that. But hey, it's still worth a try, right?

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