Curtain Call

This weekend, I went to my favorite fabric store in search of the perfect fabric for a shower curtain. This shower curtain will go in my guest bath. It is a small bathroom with a brown/taupe tile and paint. Here are some pictures of the bathroom currently.
I'm hoping the shower curtain will cozy things up a bit and add some of my personality in the space. The bathroom is very nice as it is, but the shower curtain I have now is a little too Plain Jane. These are the samples I brought home with me. To have narrowed it down to these few, was a feat in and of itself. You see, I am quite fond of fabrics. If you happen to be keeping track, you can add that to the list with the other hundred things I love. Anyway, I can only choose one and I like them all. Decisions, decisions. Which one do you like?


Amanda said...

Well, since you asked...I personally like the 3rd and 5th ones (reading from left to right). You need something with some color that will pop, but nothing TOO busy. If I know you at all, you already have your absolute favorite picked out. So, which one do you just love, love, love?

new every morning said...

Ooohhh! Good choices!
I have the one in the far right in black and white. I just used it to make curtains for a room makeover. (You can check it out on my blog under room makeover).
It was the EASIEST fabric I've ever worked with!

Can't wait to see the finished product!