Friday's Favorite

I believe in having home furnishings and accessories that you truly love in your home. I believe in taking your time until you find exactly what you're looking for-or it finds you. I am not one to set out on missions to find particular pieces of furniture or accessories. I usually just stumble upon them. In fact, some of my favorite pieces are not even pieces that I've purchased, but pieces that I've found or that have been given to me. Here's one of my favorite pieces of furniture.

It is an antique, oak table. My mom had it in a storage building for years. When my husband and I moved into our house, she asked me if we might want it. I loved the table and I'm not one to turn down free furniture. So, I told her we'd take it. I expected to have to get it refinished because it was in pretty bad shape. But, I saw the table's beauty. Now when my sweet husband saw the table, the day we went to get it out of the storage building a few days before we moved into our new house, he thought I was crazy. In fact, we almost got divorced over this table (just kidding). He thought it looked horrible and didn't want it in our house. I had to pull out all my tricks (puppy dog eyes, eye batting, pleading, pouting, etc.) to convince him to even take the table to Auburn. The day we moved in I told him I wanted to try it in the house without getting it refinished. Again, he thought I was insane. But, he agreed to let me try it. My mom quickly came to the rescue, as she often does, and sprayed on a little Liquid Gold. The table looked amazing-still old and imperfect, but 100% better than when we pulled it out of storage. My husband even said, "I was wrong." What was that? Anyway, the table fits in just perfectly in our house and I love all of its imperfections.

I am going to try to make Friday's Favorite a weekly post. Each week, I'll choose one of my favorite things. Hopefully, I can stick with it. Do you have a favorite around your house?


Nicole said...

I love your table. I love older furniture because it has so much personality. I loved the begging your hubby bit!

Imperfect said...

The table is beautiful. I love older furniture. We don't own much furniture...enough to furnish a one bedroom apartment. But my favorite piece is a bit out of place for a newlywed couple, not many own one of these. We have the most beautiful old china hutch. It was given to us by Hubby's parents who got it from Hubby's great-grandmother. It's filled with the china and crystal given to us for our wedding. I love the mix of new and old and I love the family heritage in the piece. Great idea for a post!