Polka Dot Your Pot

If you were expecting a Wreath for Wednesday, I must apologize. I think that little mini series has come to an end. But, here's a little quick project that you can do. Get yourself a clay pot and paint that pot black (or another color that you like). Then add some cute, little polka dots with white paint (or another color that you like). Add a little plant or flower and you are finished! This is a quick, easy and cheap project-great for a gift or for yourself!


Amanda said...

I like the new look of your site! When did you put captcha security on your comments?? (FYI: captcha security is the word verification thingy - you have a VERY technically savvy, little sister!)

Laura said...

i got the captcha security today. i changed a few things. thanks for the comment about my new look! i know i have a smart sister, that's why i picked you when you were adopted. ha, ha, ha! i just don't think you belong to mama and me cause you don't like to go, go, go like us. love you anyway, smarty pants. see you friday!