Friday's Favorite

Yay, yay today is moving day!!!

Today is a wonderful day! My sister is moving back to Auburn!!! She has been wanting to move back (and I have been begging her to) for awhile now and it is finally happening today. She got a great new job and bought a house!!! So, it is a very exciting time for her and I'm thrilled to be a part of all of this with her. 

Sister, I'm so proud of you! Another amazing accomplishment for you!!! We are going to have so much fun decorating and arranging and your favorite-repurposing! So, get your running shoes and painting clothes on (wait, do you have any painting clothes??? ha, ha!) cause we've got a lot to do!

I'll be posting the pics of our projects throughout the next few weeks! And, hopefully she'll let me post some pics of her house, too.


Cynthia said...

Oh Happy Day!!! We're so glad you'll be closer! Can't wait to see what you and Laura do in the decorating department!

Cynthia said...

I hate to make 2 comments but I just noticed the time on your post! Was it really 5:30am? I guess getting your sister moved closer to you is one of those days you wouldn't mind getting up that early?