Sister See

I'm going to try really, really hard to make this a weekly post. It won't be a formal tour of my sister's house, but each week, on Thursday, I'll try to show something from her house- a project we've completed, a piece of furniture we've refurbished, an object we've repurposed, a corner we've decorated and eventually a room we've finished. 

So, here's a little corner we decorated right away. It definitely was a team effort trying different pieces of art and other objects. It really helps when you have another pair of eyes and set of ideas. After playing with several arrangements, we settled on this. Even before all of the boxes were unpacked we had this corner all fixed up. That is the fun stuff, right?!? Of course, I'm sure it will change, but for now, I'm loving this little corner. It's so welcoming and cozy and just plain homey.

Hope you'll come back next week to see more from Sister's!

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LindsB said...

Oh I love what you did, the little corner looks great!