Friday's Favorite

A few years ago I tried a Voluspa candle. Now, they are my favorite. You know it is hard to find a really great candle. Often times, they don't smell or just the opposite- they have a very overpowering smell. Sometimes they come in an ugly container, don't last very long, and the list could keep going. Well, not so with these. The smell is evident, but not over done, the containers are simple and sleek, and they burn for a long, long time. 

Now, I'm not an expert on all the scents, but I do have a couple of favorites. For the fall and winter, I love Santiago Huckleberry. In the spring and summer, I prefer Saijo Persimmon. So, if you are in the market for a new candle, you should definitely try one out. 

Happy Friday!

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