Back Porch Beautification

Yesterday, I promised to show you where this little tray found its new home. So, here's the scoop. This year, my goal has been to spruce up our back porch. We go through the back porch several times a day, so I wanted it to be appealing. 
I had been looking for a wicker chair and was super excited when I found one for 50% off. I already had the green pillows so I knew they'd be perfect with the chair. I got the small candle lanterns last year at Old Time Pottery for a few dollars and spray painted them green to match the pillows. I found the fern for 50% off. So, with all of that in place, I decided to paint the little tray to coordinate. I'm loving this little corner of our back porch now!


Reese & Marie said...

Hey Laura!
Thank you so much for your input on my pillows! I am so flattered by your compliments, even though they don't seem deserved! I think I am HORRIBLE at mixing and matching... that's why I had white pillows on the couch until today. Well, I love your tray and your wicker chair is fabulous! I will be back to visit!


Suzanne said...

Makes me want to come and sit a while!! (Maybe after it's cooler!)

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love your porch! Great colors!!!