Friday's Favorite

For Christmas my sister and my parents gave me these plates. I have been wanting something like this for awhile. I love my other dishes which you can see and read about here. But, they just don't do for Thanksgiving-this Thanksgiving I actually contemplated, quite seriously, buying new dishes. Plus, my dining room is connected to my living room which is decorated in brown and light turquoise. So, the vibrant colors of my other dishes clash just a bit. Well, now that little dilemma is solved and I couldn't be more excited. 
Earlier today I told my hubby I felt kind of lost. I explained that I don't have any occasion for which to decorate. You know we go from Halloween right into Thanksgiving and then comes Christmas. I've had lots to keep me busy since September. He told me to start thinking about Easter. I told him I have been to which he laughed. But seriously, I have been thinking about Easter and thinking about my new dishes. I plan to pair them with some chocolate brown chargers (my sister's idea) and robin's egg blue cloth napkins. Yummy, don't you think? Happy Friday!!!

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Kim Layton said...

Beautiful plates! They are sure to look good with any color!