Friday's Favorite

I was at a loss as for what to write about today. I asked my mom if she had any ideas and later she gave me this idea, which was perfectly fitting. Remember, I've told you my mom is good and this is just how good she is. 
She reminded me that today would have been Granny's (my dad's mom) birthday. Now Granny was one of my all time favorite people.  She and I had a special relationship, one that I'll always cherish. I miss her so much, but am thankful that a little part of her lives on through my sister and me. You see, Granny was so talented. She could cook and bake and decorate and make all kinds of crafty things. I didn't get her talent for cooking and baking, but my sister sure did. That girl can whip up the most delicious (and gorgeous) Coconut Cake and Italian Cream Cake you've ever tasted (and seen). But, I'd like to think that I got my passion for for decorating and crafts from Granny.  
Well, my mom also reminded me of a pitcher that I have that belonged to Granny. This pitcher is made of cut glass. I have never been too fond of cut glass, but I treasure this pitcher because it belonged to Granny's mother, Big Mama (my great-grandmother for whom I'm named). My mom suggested that I make a flower arrangement for the pitcher-what a wonderful idea! If you remember, I've told you that I love flowers and I get that from Granny. She was a remarkable floral arranger and just loved flowers-any kind, anywhere. So, these flowers are in memory of my sweet Granny, she'll always be a favorite. I think she would be proud of me. 

Mama, thank you for this idea. It was the perfect suggestion for a Friday Favorite!

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Suzanne said...

Granny would be so proud and pleased!