I'm not talking about the bubble gum, but my bubble light. Last night I wasn't feeling so well and jokingly asked my hubby to go take a picture of something in our house Christmas related for my post. He willingly obliged. I had no idea what he had taken pictures of. As I looked through the camera to see what he'd captured, I saw a picture of our bubble light. I laughed. He said, "you may not admit it, but it's one of your favorites-you love that thing." He's right. I do love it. My mom got this bubble light for me several years ago. There is just something about a bubble light that reminds me of Christmas as a child-such wonderful memories. I think that is one of the reasons I still love Christmas so much. So, here it is, my bubble light-something so simple that brings me such joy!

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Oh, I have the same little bubble night light and I love it, So Funny I have a picture of mine to post too!

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