House Tour Tuesday

Today I'm wrapping up House Tour Tuesday. I'll be showing you the last room in our home. This is our 3rd bedroom. It is painted in a cheery green. This room is all about using what you have. Mostly everything in this room is something I or someone else in my family already had. The bed, curtains, chair and lamp were mine in college. The bedding and pillows were my sister's in college. The dresser was my grandmother's ( a little black paint and some new hardware made it good as new!). The old chippy side table I bought years before Jamie and I got married. I'll never forget showing it to him in all of my excitement and he said, "you paid money for that?" That was just the beginning. He has pretty much given up all together on trying to understand me, I think (when it comes to liking old, beaten up junk-that is). It's probably best that way! Anyway, the only new piece of furniture in this room is the desk. My dad bought that for us when we moved in. Thank you, Daddy!!! The black lamps on the dresser I got at Kirkland's on sale. My sweet sister gave me a gift card to Hobby Lobby that I used to buy the mirror. And, just recently I found the framed cord board at TJ Maxx. I love using what I have to make a space. Oh, and I'm pretty sure Jamie agrees with me on that (ha, ha!).

Yikes, don't mind those messy wires!

Thank you for joining me. That wraps things up for the tour through our house. I've decided I like having series posts, so I'm going to start a new series tomorrow. You'll have to come back then to see what it is. Toodles for now!

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Oh, I really love this room!