Contain Yourself

I love plants and flowers, but I'm not too much on yard work and sweating. So, for me container gardening is a great option. I've been wanting to try a container like this for quite awhile. I recently found just the right container (at TJ Maxx). I planted a few plants and hung it on the wall in our carport. Even the hubs likes it.

Here's how it looked empty. Then I filled it with moss along the sides and put a little piece of coconut liner down in the bottom. After that, I just put my plants in place. When doing container plantings I try to have layers. That helps make the container visually pleasing. For this container you'll notice the taller plants (Coleus) in the back and then the flowing, vine like plants (Creeping Jenny and St. John's Wort) towards the front. Another thing to remember is the temperature and sunlight tolerance of the plants. All of these do well with part sun which is perfect for the carport since it is shaded for much of the day. 

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