tassels with the nester

Nester is having a tassel party today, so I'm joining in. During the Christmas season, I posted here about a couple of tassels that I made. Since then, I've made a few more. What a great project-especially if you need instant gratification like I do.

This tassel I made using a small cross ornament that I found at Hob Lob during the holiday season. I screwed the bottom of the cross to a candle cup (also found at HL). Then I just glued fabric and ribbon at varying lengths inside and around the candle cup. To finish it, I added trim around the top (to hide the candle cup) and a ribbon to hang it with.

This one is fun with all the pink and green. I made it to coordinate with a friend's nursery.

And, this one I made using ribbon and some left over scraps of fabric.

If you need a quick, cheap, easy project that adds a fun touch to your home, give this a try!


Richella said...

Your tassels are really pretty! I especially like the cross one--I collect crosses, so this one really speaks to me. Beautiful job!

Denise said...

Cute tassels, I love the ribbons you use. I will be buying a lot more Christmas ornaments this year so they already have a loop to put the ribbon ;-)

Karen said...

Oh, these are gorgeous!

burlap+blue said...

Love these!! Esp. the blue and brown combo--so lovely! Also love the name of your blog!!