Master Bedroom Makeover: Take 2

Well, I got new lamps and a mirror for the master bedroom makeover. (You can see Take 1 here.) And, the best part is I used what I had. That's right I didn't spend a dime (well, I guess I did at some point, but not too recently). The mirror I've had for many years and have never used it. It's a little small for the wall, but it works for now. And, the lamps were at Sister's. My mom bought one and I bought the other thinking she might need them in her new house, but turns out we went a little lamp crazy over there and she doesn't need them after all. So, I took them home with me and they fit in just right with the new look.

Slowly, but surely I'm making some progress. Next up, curtains and curtain rod. I'm crossing my fingers that I can get that taken care of this weekend.

Oh yeah, I think I'm going to go back over to Sister's and resume our Sister See Tour. She's had some more work done on her house and a few projects completed since we took our last tour. So, I hope you'll come back Thursday for that.

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Anonymous said...

What pretty lamps!