This is for the birds!

It didn't take me long to fill our nest with a few of these featherless fowl. I guess, technically, they're not featherless. But, their plumes are porcelain. Anyway, with the little birdie trend in full force, I just had to have a few for my spring spruce-up! Guess who came to the rescue?!? Mother dearest most certainly did. She gave my sister and me almost a whole flock of these little pheasants. Not really, but I liked the alliteration. She really did give us a few in our Easter baskets. Here are some of mine. 

In case any of you were wondering what happened to me last week, I took a little hiatus from blogging as I was on Spring Break. Well, I'm back and I've got lots of little things to post about. Don't forget tomorrow is House Tour Tuesday. Only a couple of rooms to go. Hope you'll join me! 

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Suzanne said...

Love the birdies and the rosemary!!