House Tour Tuesday

Welcome to House Tour Tuesday! Today we're touring another bathroom. This bathroom is our guest bath. I've shown some pictures of this room before. Luckily, the previous owners updated this bathroom the summer prior to us moving in that December (2006). 

So, all we've done is hang a shower curtain and some pictures and stock the cabinets with toilet paper, towels, soap and other bath necessities. 

This bathroom is quite small, but does house all we need in a bathroom. There is also this built-in cabinet. It is the perfect storage space, featuring open and closed shelving. So, there's room for a pretty display of baskets, towels and containers, but also room to store the unsightlies (yes, I made that word up).

Thanks for stopping by! Our tour is almost over, only two more rooms to go. Oh and stay tuned for this week - pictures of my Easter decor are coming soon (you can see one of the bunnies in some of the photos above)!

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