Friday's Favorite

Flowers. I love flowers. My grandmother was a florist. I grew up watching her make beautiful arrangements and loving her magnificent creations. Recently, I took a floral arranging class to learn a little more about this art. It was so rewarding. I would like to think that my grandmother passed a little of her gift for floral arranging on to me. Here are of few of the arrangements I've made over the course of the past few months. Most of these arrangements are made from grocery store bouquets. A few of the arrangements I made during the summer from flowers in my yard.

My first arrangement from the floral arranging class-I don't know what was up with the tall shoot. It didn't seem so disproportional in real life.

Door arrangement made in the class-

Final arrangement made in class-I went to a wholesale floral store for this one and got a few of my favorites-Bells of Ireland, Ranunculus and Hypericum Berries

Summer flowers from my yard-

Fall flowers from grocery store bouquets-

Flowers for our tailgate this weekend-also made from a grocery store bouquet (half off, no less)

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Suzanne said...

I love them all!!! The tailgate flowers made everything so special.